Jenny From The Broch & A Visit to Liberty sf

On our second day in Wimbledon, Kate and I caught the train in to London so I could visit Liberty. It was everything I had imagined it would be- beautiful fabrics, lovely haberdashery, gorgeous home wears. Something I didn’t expect though was to do some star spotting! I heard her before I saw her- her thick Scottish accent couldn’t be missed- Laura Donnelly (Jenny Fraser from my favourite TV show and book series, Outlander). I wanted to go up and say hi but didn’t want to bother her as she just seemed to be out shopping for a couch so I decided to follow her about trying to take a picture instead… because thats way less creepy right? Anyway, I did manage to buy a few bits and bobs from Liberty. I plan to do a bit of a show and tell from my travels when I get home so you’ll have to wait until then to see. I am a bit behind on my posts and am actually in Umbertide, Italy this week. Below is my view as I type this post. That being said, Im off to enjoy the sunshine!