Winter Knitting & The Aquarium

So, I’ve decided to start a new blog. I tried to move my previous posts over from Squarespace but it didn’t work very well, I only got a couple across. I’m not too upset about it, it feels nice to start fresh. I often feel a bit on and off with having a blog because I like to take pictures but I don’t really like writing. I’ve decided to take the pressure off myself though and just do what I feel like on the day I decide to blog.

Knitting: I’ve cast off two knits in August- The little white sweater is the Camillia Babe pattern by Carrie Bositck Hoge and the blue suit one is the Bonsai Suit by Misha & Puff. I used wool from Millpost Merino for the Bonsai Suit and it’s by far the softest wool I’ve ever used.

Sewing: Juniper Kitty by Posie patterns

Stitching: A start quilt for Ed. I’ve finished the main stars on the blocks but need to decided on what boarder to put around them.

Cooking : Roast veggies

Visiting: The aquarium! We caught the train to Melbourne for the night because Wal was working in the city the next day. Ed and I visited the aquarium, went to Luccellos, had lunch in a lane way and brought bath bombs from Lush. Fun.

Drinking : Rooibos tea

Watching: Doc Martin

Buying: The little house brooch is by Nastia Slepstova. I have one on all my favourite knits.

Wearing: My linen Lisa dress with tights and cardigans

I hope you’re keeping well x