A few Days Away

Knitting : I finished off the honey hat for Ed and I’m now trying to work out a pattern for it in different sizes. I used some Quince & Co Osprey I had left over from another project. I finished the Misha & Puff Chickadee cardigan too and put some buttons on it. I used Shiny Happy Cotton from Wool and the Gang and its the softest cotton I’ve ever knit with. I want to knit the Little Lighthouse sweater by Carrie Bostick Hoge for Ed for winter but Quince is all out of the grey colour I want so I am hoping it’ll be back in stock soon so I’ll have time to knit it for this winter. I was inspired to knit it after I saw this one in a sweet little shop called Elfie London.

Sewing: Dolls dolls and more dolls. And loving it.

Stitching: Doll hair and little shoes

Cooking : Pesto pasta! I caved recently and purchased a jar of ready made pesto- Ive only ever made my own in the past. It was delicious and the jar didn’t last long at all. I still prefer homemade pesto but the stuff in the jar is good for lazy days.

Drinking : Soda water

Reading: Country Style magazines from the library for me and Peepo for Ed.

Wanting: Better soil in my garden. I think we might have to buy a load to spread out. I really want to fix up our front garden and plant some flowers out the back

Enjoying: LOVELY days away with fellow makers. A dear friend invited me to stay with her at her parents house for a weekend of knitting and quilting. It was bliss. We walked to get coffee and have eggs in the morning then crafted all day and topped the night off with fish & chips on the pier. It got a bit chilly sitting on the pier but it was still lovely. I finished some dolls I had been working on and the other girls made quilts. I am SO incredibly inspired now to give hand quilting a go. I have been dreaming of different fabrics and patterns ever since I got home on sunday night.

Loving: Mornings at the park with my boy.

Listening: The Harry Potter audiobooks again. I find them so familiar and comforting.

Buying: A book to send to a friend. She is sending me a nail polish brand that I can not find in Australia and I am sending her the second book in the Outlander series.

Watching: Jessica Jones.

Smelling: Peppermint in the diffuser

Wearing: Bathers and summer dresses. We have been going to the local pool a lot this summer. It’s 2 days into autumn and its still hot though… not so happy about that. I don’t think its going to cool down until May either.

Admiring: The work of talented friends.

Feeling: Refreshed after my weekend away. Also feeling happy this weekend we have nothing on and we can just hang out together.