Slow Start

Knitting : Christmas gifts. I knit these mittens for my Mother in law. You can find the pattern and yarn details on my ravelry page.

Sewing: I have an elastic waist skirt on the go that is for a friend but it’s been on hold over Christmas… that and there is so much mess on my sewing table I cant actually get to my sewing machine.

Stitching: The Winterwoods ABCs sampler by Posie.

Cooking : Gnocchi with basil and broccoli pesto.

Drinking : Diet lemonade

Reading: Knitting patterns

Wanting: A double sheepskin for the couch- you know, the ones that are about 2 meters long because 2 have been sewn together? We have a leather couch and its lovely to look it at but its too cold to sit on in winter first thing in the morning and in summer you stick to it.

Deciding: What project to pick up after I’ve written this post; knitting, stitching or the other knitting.

Enjoying: Having Wal home from work for 2 weeks.

Waiting: For the postman. Seriously, I feel like I’m always waiting for the postman. This time its for a new bedspread I brought of ebay.

Liking: Longer days.

Wondering: If I’ll ever get my act together when it comes to a house cleaning routine. Ive been trying for so long to establish something that works but I still seem to hate doing it just as much as I ever did. I thought once I’d finished up work to be at home full time I wouldn’t mind doing it but I can still think of a million things Id rather be doing than putting clothes mountain away. I drove into town the day before Christmas and went to a packed shopping centre because I was procrastinating. I would rather endure that than clean up.

Loving: That the older Ed gets the more he looks like me.

Listening: To cars and crickets.

Considering: Tidying my sewing room.

Buying: Some liberty fabric for my soul niece’s 3rd birthday present. Im going to make her a pillowcase.

Watching: Arrow. Im hooked, I really want to know what happened to him on the island!

Hoping: To write up a pattern for a hat I knitted last winter. Soon.

Needing: To drink more water.

Smelling: Eucalyptus oil in the defuser.

Wearing: Linen dresses.

Thinking: About alll the things I want to do and make! So. Many. Things. To. Make.

Admiring: Vintage quilts and wishing so much that I had a longer attention span so I could try this one.

Giggling: At funny text messages from my soul sistah.

Feeling: Like some good things are coming, they’re right there, on their way, so close!

Mixing: Biscuit dough! Butter biscuit dough to be exact.

Celebrating: Christmas and New Year.

Forgetting: Appointments. I’ve lost track of the days over the last few weeks.

Closing: The back door. Constantly. Between an almost 4 year old and the giant dog the door is always open and the house is full of flies.

Playing: With water bombs or as Ed calls them, water loons.

Learning: I’m reading up on how to use natural dyes to dye wool and Ed is learning how to use the pedals on the bike he got from santa.

I hope you’re keeping well and had a lovely Christmas.