Life Lately

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Ive been making Christmas presents for friends and family. I was trying to do a totally handmade Christmas for Ed but failed when I stepped into Toy World and saw a big Woody doll and knew how much he’d love it; and he does.
  • We’ve been balling wool and getting a jump on knitting things for the cooler months. I keep having to remind him to only turn the handle one way when he’s balling though otherwise its a big ‘ol mess. I know I could probably do it when he’s not about and it would be much quicker but he really does love it so I save the balling part for him.
  • A new cafe has opened up just over the reserve so we’ve been taking walks via the playground to get a coffee and some cake.
  • Reading books. LOTS of books.
  • Playing with Christmas presents. Im not sure how enjoys it more, Wal or Ed.
  • Playing in the sprinkler (or sprinkles as Ed calls it) at night time before bed to cool off. Usually I really dislike summer but seeing it through Ed’s eyes is slowly starting to bring me around to it.


I hope this finds you well and happy x


PS I’m also doing¬†this¬†Natural dying class in February. I. CANT. WAIT. Sooooo many great things to look forward to this year already!