Paris Happened

So, Paris happend…. a couple of months ago! Yes, I am really that far behind on sharing our holiday pictures with you. I have moved my blog over to the Squarespace platform and its taken me a little longer to get things set up than I had hoped; So thats where I have been incase you were wondering.

Above are the only pictures I have of our time in Paris as the rest were stored on my phone, which I managed to leave in a taxi in Rome *slaps forehead. It chucked it down the whole time we were there making it very hard to get out and about with a wee one and no rain cover for the pram. Not that the pram was much good to us in the streets of Paris anyway. We ended up using the Ergo carrier for the length of our stay there. I managed to duck out for a couple of hours to visit some yarn shops and have a bit of a wander sans kiddo and husband. We stayed in a great little Airbnb place, again the photos are on my phone, but if you wanted to take a look here, is the link to our accommodation. Our host was lovely and we were lucky it was such a lovely little apartment  because due to the rain, we did end up spending a bit of time there! Ed’s favourite part of Paris were the pigeons, mine was the pretty yarn shops & buildings and, well, Im not actually sure what Wal’s was but I think it was the cheap beer- It was that last time we went to Paris and he and Paris hasn’t changed much since then so I’ll go with beer again.

I’ll leave you with some yarny goodness from my day out shopping in Paris. I only brought 2 skeins because I out did myself at Loop so I really had to behave in Paris- also, I think if I tried to stuff one more thing into my luggage at this stage the zipper would have burst.

I hope you’re enjoying your start to November.

Caitlan x