Harry Potter Studio Tour

A London visit wouldn’t have been complete without a trip out to the Harry Potter Studio. We wandered through Diagon Alley and it was firmly cemented in my mind that I do in fact, belong in the Weasley Burrow. Molly Weasley and Luna Lovegood are forever my style icons. Ed and Wal both loved it as much as me. I got a little snap happy along the way and there are lots of pictures. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you’ll know what all the pictures are and if you are not then you probably won’t really care about this post…. either way I figured there wasn’t much of a point explaining each picture. I hope you enjoy them and they make you want to get stuck in to a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Jenny From The Broch & A Visit to Liberty sf

On our second day in Wimbledon, Kate and I caught the train in to London so I could visit Liberty. It was everything I had imagined it would be- beautiful fabrics, lovely haberdashery, gorgeous home wears. Something I didn’t expect though was to do some star spotting! I heard her before I saw her- her thick Scottish accent couldn’t be missed- Laura Donnelly (Jenny Fraser from my favourite TV show and book series, Outlander). I wanted to go up and say hi but didn’t want to bother her as she just seemed to be out shopping for a couch so I decided to follow her about trying to take a picture instead… because thats way less creepy right? Anyway, I did manage to buy a few bits and bobs from Liberty. I plan to do a bit of a show and tell from my travels when I get home so you’ll have to wait until then to see. I am a bit behind on my posts and am actually in Umbertide, Italy this week. Below is my view as I type this post. That being said, Im off to enjoy the sunshine!


Flights & Village Life

We flew out pretty late in the evening, 10.22 to be exact. Ed slept most of the way to the airport so by the time we got there he was full of beans. He loved people watching at the airport as much as I did. Ed wore his Slugs & Snails tights I got from Baby Goes Retro for most of the flight- right up until he upended his water all over himself anyway- they are so, so good for travelling. I highly recommend them. The cabin was warm one minute and freezing the next so the tights made it easy to layer and for him to keep his feet warm. If he had been wearing socks they would have been off the second the shoes were off and his feet freezing. He slept well on our flight which was great. We got pretty lucky I think- I can only hope the trip back home will be as good. He had one big melt down at boarder security and I totally don’t blame him at all because I was so so close to having one myself. It took sooooo looooong to get through.

We finally made it to our friends place in Wimbledon Village and stopped with them for a few nights. We took the dog for a walk to Wimbledon Common with the kids and went out for lunch. I did a bit of shopping at Cath Kidston and got some sweet London Guard fabric to make some cushion covers for Ed and a gift for a friend. Oh, and I brought a ruler… I just couldn’t pass up a ruler that had floral print on it. Everything is so close in the Village and their little cottage is right in the centre. There is a stable in the Village too, just near one of the pubs I think. I was quiet surprised to see a group of riders trotting down the main street as we sat in a cafe eating lunch until this was explained to me.

The jet-lag hit me pretty hard and I was up well before sunrise every morning. I didn’t mind so much though because there was a lovely English style sunroom I could sit in with my cup of coffee and look through windows at the moon and the creeping rosebush.

It was so lovely to start our overseas trip off by visiting with dear friends.